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Are Pheromone Concentrates Effective?

Pheromones are a chemical substance that affects most animals or insects in such a way that it triggers a natural response in a different member of the species.  This behavioral response is most noticeable in the animal kingdom but there have been recent studies that have also illustrated that people are also susceptible to pheromones much like some animals and insects are.

Actually, pheromones are not only focused as a sexual stimulus for animals. The chemical substances may also serve as an indication for danger, trail or territorial marking and others. In humans, pheromones are not sensed through smell but thru a separate organ called VNO (vomeronasal organ) inside of the nose.

Various Effects Of Pheromone Concentrates

The efficacy of pheromone concentates in people has long been debated since we do not have a highly developed sense of smell like animals. Many researchers have studied the effect of pheromones in us and it has been proven that we do have these chemical substances and that these are also produced in pretty much the same way as in animals for similar purposes. The question now is if having these works.

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A positive study regarding the effect of odor cues through a closely studied group of women that had something to do with their menstrual cycle was conducted. The study had the women in the group interact with each other for some time and the study illustrated that the menstrual cycle of the women in the group soon coordinated with each other. Researchers have concluded that this physical coordination has something to do with pheromones or odor cues that the women unconsciously emit before, during and after their menstrual periods.

The coordination of the women’s menstrual cycle due to their close interaction of each other has proven that the odor cues that we produce may affect other individuals. Many cultures also believe that close interaction of women in a group can affect their menstrual cycles even without their knowledge of pheromone concentrates.

Another study regarding the effect of odor cues or pheromone concentrates on the opposite sex suggested that individual people use these odor cues to select partners who are not closely related to themselves. The odor cues of the chemical substance that we produce and emit were observed from this study had something to do with the immune system of each individual being observed. This study is about disassortative sexual selection. Even with homosexual and heterosexual males, there is a different reaction and it seems that both heterosexual females and homosexual males react similarly to pheromone concentrates emitted by a heterosexual male.

This study proves that self awareness has something to do with odor cues since biologically males and females are different. Since homosexual males are attracted to heterosexual, males who have stronger pheromone emissions, then it goes to show that sexual preferences may play a role in odor cues as well.

Human Pheromone Concentrates as a Sexual Attractant

These chemical substances work not only as a link between the mother and infant and not only as a territorial maker but primarily to perpetuate the species. In animals, these substances signal the fertility of a female or male individual and the readiness to mate. In humans, pheromones have pretty much the same effect even without a highly developed sense of smell. It seems that our bodies are attuned to the subtle odor and without our knowledge we are attracted to a certain individual because of it.

This basic knowledge of the effects of odor cues has prompted many fragrances laced with these chemical substances in a bid to attract partners of the opposite sex. The effect of such a fragrance has been favorable and has indeed proven that there is such a thing as a pheromone induced attraction.

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